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Delaco cheese sandwich, ham and apple

Delaco cheese sandwich, ham and apple

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sandwich with Delaco cheese, ham and apple:

Fry the slices of bread and grease them with butter.

On a slice put the slice of ham and on top of the slice of cheese.

Put the apple slices and on top the other slice of bread.

Put in a pan and bake for a few minutes until the cheese melts.

Cut diagonally and serve hot.

It's very good!

Good appetite!

The restaurant at home

I had a packet of puff pastry and I kept looking at it, I didn't know what to use it for. Then I came across some other ingredients that were confusing me in the fridge and I remembered a snack eaten by some friends. Simple and fast, suitable to be put on the table when you feel like something "to nibble" next to a beer.

We need :
- 500 g puff pastry, 100 g turkey ham, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, 100 g cream cheese, pepper, 1 egg, sesame

We prepare like this:
Leave the dough to thaw. Cut the squares of approx. 10 cm laterally.
Ham and peppers are cut into small cubes. Mix with cream cheese and season with pepper.
On each square of dough put a teaspoon of filling, bring a corner in the middle, lightly moisten with water and bring the opposite corner over it. Press lightly to stick.
Grease the top with beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Delaco cheese sandwich, ham and apple - Recipes

I had about two smaller cheese wheels in the fridge and I thought I'd make some dumplings myself.
I kept searching on the net and in magazines and in the end I combined about 3 recipes, as I usually do. Neither like them, nor like me, like Badea Vasile :-))))))))))) that was a joke. I never know. Well, look, I'm lying, I put the sausage from me, because I came across some meatballs with olives, but I didn't have it and the extraordinary idea came to me to put a slice of sausage in the meatball.
Let me better say how I did them.

100g cow's milk,
200 g cheese,
3-4 lg flour,
3 eggs,
smoked sausage,

Grate the telemeau and the cheese on a small grater (it is preferable that both the telemeau and the cheese are hard), add the eggs, flour and spices.

mix well until a fairly viscous composition results.

Cut the sausage into slices.
Take the dough with a teaspoon, put a slice of sausage

and cover with dough, then roll in flour and give a round shape, Bulgarian.

It is good to form all the balls before frying them in oil. Out of these quantities come approx. 25 pcs.

Fry in hot oil and let drain on a paper napkin.

With this recipe I appeared in rev. Click Lust / December 2009 and I won a cash prize -)


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6 easy-to-prepare sandwiches that help you lose weight

The fasting period can be quite difficult if you do not have time to think about what foods to eat.

Examples of dissociated foods that help you lose weight

One thing is for sure, not everyone knows how to combine foods properly. This.

How to get rid of belly by consuming fiber

Anyone can experience abdominal fat at some point. The factors differ from a.

The secrets of the ideal food combination - prevent weight gain

You don't have to be a nutritionist to learn the right combination of foods. Even if.

Do you often run away and not have time to prepare a full, low-calorie and tasty lunch? To avoid ordering high-calorie foods with your colleagues, make a sandwich with healthy ingredients that do not interfere with your diet.

Here are 6 sandwich recipes that you can prepare in just 10 minutes:

You are on, the place where you can find out how to live healthy and what diets suit you!

1. Sandwich with apple, turkey ham, salad and cheese

The most important thing to keep in mind when making a sandwich is that the bread should be wholemeal, possibly with seeds. Black flour sticks are a good idea for sandwiches when you're on a diet.

How do you make this sandwich? Place the apple slices, turkey ham, lettuce leaves and slice of cheese or cheese in layers.

2. Sandwich with tuna and lettuce

For this sandwich you need a small can of tuna in water, two slices of wholemeal bread, 2 lettuce leaves, a little lemon juice. At 100 grams of tuna per box in water we have only 109 calories, and for a slice of wholemeal bread 65-70 calories.

This sandwich goes very well with plain yogurt.

3. Sandwich with hummus, parsley and cucumber

Grease half a stick, as thin as shaorma, or 2 slices of wholemeal bread, with 3-4 teaspoons of hummus, add some parsley and a few slices of cucumber. Tomatoes are not really recommended for the sandwiches you take with you, they quickly lose their freshness and leave a juice that will surely reach your favorite blouse even when the world is dearer to you.

In this sandwich you can also add slices of carrot, pepper and whatever other vegetables you like. Also, to speed up digestion, consume a yogurt.

4. Sandwich with cottage cheese, avocado, cucumber and carrot

By far, my favorite sandwich is the one with spreadable cheese and avocado. For this sandwich you need 2 or 4 slices of wholemeal bread, depending on how many sandwiches you want to make, a few slices of avocado, cottage cheese, slices of carrot and cucumber. If you don't have cottage cheese, you can also put feta cheese or other cheese that is suitable for sandwiches.

Sprinkle the sandwich with a little olive oil and you will have a delicious and healthy lunch.

5. Sandwich with salmon, onion and radish

Salmon is satiating, contains healthy fats and improves your digestion. For a delicious sandwich, put a slice of salmon, some parsley, a few slices of onion and radish on a slice of wholemeal bread. For a better taste, sprinkle the salmon with lemon.

6. Sandwich with omelette, cheese, cheese and salad

Quickly prepare an omelette of 2 eggs with a little cheese, salt, pepper and a few drops of olive oil. Cut the omelet in half and place each half between two slices of bread. Add the cucumber slices and a lettuce leaf. If you want a more intense taste, you can put a teaspoon of curry in the omelette. The omelet sandwich is very filling and, in general, you can't go wrong with it.

12 recipes for breakfast

Secret weapon to such a diet

Do you think that you can skip breakfast and then camp on sweets and at the same time avoid being overweight? Think it over.

This inevitably has consequences. The compensation system is always valid and, when you deprive yourself of food, you recover from how you have access to it again and eat more than you normally would, consuming a higher number of calories than you would assimilate all day. .

A good breakfast does more than prevent you from overeating later. It speeds up your metabolism, gives you energy, both for your body and your brain, and is responsible for the good results of a diet, for weight loss and for maintenance.

Your stomach is empty when you wake up and your body needs energy, which breakfast gives you. Studies show that in people who skip this meal, the risk of obesity is 4.5 times higher.

Another study shows that people who eat a substantial breakfast assimilate about 100 fewer calories a day than when they do not eat in the morning. Although at first glance it does not represent much, in a year it is equivalent to 4.5 kilograms.

Breakfast also seems to decrease the effect of hormones that contribute to weight gain.

A 2002 study found a link between breakfast cereals and low levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that increases appetite and promotes fat accumulation around the waist.

So what should you eat for breakfast? Experts believe it is best to consume fiber and protein. The body needs more effort to digest protein than carbohydrates, so it burns more calories in the process. Because a breakfast rich in protein and fiber is digested more slowly than one based on carbohydrates, your blood sugar level remains constant, so you don't get hungry so fast.

A 12-year study of more than 74,000 women found that those who ate the most fiber were twice as likely to gain weight as those who ate the least. Starting the day with fiber keeps your blood sugar level at a normal level no matter what you eat later. Of course, they have other benefits, such as lowering the risk of diabetes, heart disease, a heart attack or colon cancer.

12 types of breakfast

When you eat in the morning, you are less likely to overdo it later.

Give up donuts and white toast in favor of a breakfast like the ones below, recommended by specialists. Each includes protein and fiber, digested more slowly than carbohydrates, so you maintain your satiety and health. In addition, they all have less than 400 calories, which will keep you full without gaining weight.

An apple, cleaned and sliced, kept in the microwave for about 3 minutes, then added a tablespoon of raisins, a tablespoon of almonds and a tablespoon of chopped or ground walnuts with 200 g of skimmed vanilla yogurt.

Nutritional information: protein: 12.2 g carbohydrates: 47.6 g sugar: 36 g fiber: 6.4 g.

Egg sandwich

An egg white, chopped, on an English wheat muffin, with 30 g of ham and a slice of skim cheese.

Nutritional information: protein: 21 g carbohydrates: 28 g fat: 4.8 g sugar: 6 g fiber: 4.4 g.

230 g skim yogurt in which you mix 2 tablespoons of walnuts and 120 g of raisins.

Nutritional information: protein: 17.8 g carbohydrates: 56 g fat: 17.8 g sugar: 45.7 g fiber: 4.4 g.

Oatmeal with 1/2 glass of milk, 2 tablespoons of walnuts and a tablespoon of molasses (brown syrupy substance, derived from the extraction of sugar from beets or sugar cane).

Nutritional information: protein: 11.5 g carbohydrates: 50 g fat: 8 g sugar: 19 g fiber: 6.1 g.

A horn with 60 g smoked salmon (or 60 g canned salmon), 2 tablespoons cream cheese and 2 slices of tomato.

Nutritional information: protein: 21 g carbohydrates: 42 g fat: 8.7 g sugar: 1.6 g fiber: 2.9 g.

2 slices of pressed ham and 60 g grated cheese in a corn tortilla, heated in a pan until the cheese softens, plus 1 small apple.

Nutritional information: protein: 25 g carbohydrates: 32 g fat: 7.5 g sugar: 15 g fiber: 4.3 g.

1 sliced ​​apple and greased with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Nutritional information: protein: 8.4 g carbohydrates: 25.7 g fat: 16 g sugar: 16.5 g fiber: 5.1 g.

2 whole wheat waffles with 120 g skimmed fruit yogurt.

Nutritional information: protein: 9.4 g carbohydrates: 49 g fat: 3.4 g sugar: 25.5 g fiber: 6 g.

120 g milk with 120 g skim yogurt and 120 g berries (eg cherries, grapes, blueberries, raisins, etc.).

Nutritional information: protein: 9.6 g carbohydrates: 46 g fat: 2.3 g sugar: 40.6 g fiber: 2 g.

175 g of cereal flakes, 1 small, sliced ​​banana, and 170 g of milk.

Nutritional information: protein: 9.8 g carbohydrates: 44.8 g sugar: 34.5 g fiber: 5.2 g.

Burrito for breakfast

2 egg whites mixed with 30 g of skim cheese and 2 tablespoons of salsa, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

Nutritional information: protein: 22.7 g carbohydrates: 12 g fat: 7.4 g sugar: 0.4 g fiber: 1.2 g.

1 apple with 60 g defatted cheese.

Nutritional information: protein: 14.4 g carbohydrates: 20 g fat: 4.2 g sugar: 14.3 g fiber: 4 g.

Simona's World

For a winter-spring morning. winter outside (it's snowing for me.) and spring in the calendar, I recommend a quick, filling and extremely good omelette!


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Lose weight by eating! Dukan diet

Many times you will find with disappointment that the Romanian does not keep much diet :))
In stores there is not much dietary food and moreover, some so-called dietary products have an extreme amount of fat / sugar.
In this diet, in principle, food for diabetics is not suitable. Although it has no sugar, it has many other forbidden things.
Returning, in my opinion, you can make the most complete purchases from Cora. Then follow Carrefour and Kaufland.
If you are from Bucharest you can go to the new Obor market, upstairs, to buy spilled oat bran. and in the Obor hall for Goji paid at the price of 7 - 7.5 lei 100 grams.

List of foods allowed Dukan

pork muscles
steak tart
veal escalope
veal chop
veal liver
low-fat chicken or turkey ham


smoked salmon
Plague eggs (cod, salmon, herring, nitillet)
chicken livers
guinea fowl

Chicken eggs
Quail eggs

100% skim milk
100% skim cheese
low-fat yogurt 0% fat
0% skim milk

cabbage - all types
green beans
peppers (sweet)
all kinds of lettuce
wild garlic

canned tomatoes - no sugar
mustard with sweetener (extremely common just read the ingredients)
little diet ketchup
zero tail

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