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Apricot tart

Apricot tart

    • the juice of half a lemon
    • 6 tablespoons sugar
    • 2 tablespoons vanilla pudding powder
    • a sachet of vanilla sugar
    • 30g margarine and a tablespoon of water
    • 1kg apricot

It took:

    • 500g flour
    • 3 tablespoons oatmeal - optional
    • 170g margarine for cakes
    • a spoon of sugar
    • salt
    • 6 tablespoons cold water

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes


  1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients until smooth and the dough no longer sticks to your hands.

  2. We divide it in two and put it in the fridge.

  3. Set the oven to 220 degrees C and turn it on.

  4. Put the cut fruits in 2 and without seeds, in a pan over low heat and add the lemon juice and 5 tablespoons of sugar and vanilla sugar over them.

  5. Let them simmer for 8 minutes, then add the two tablespoons of pudding powder.

  6. Mix well and remove from the heat.

  7. Remove the dough from the fridge and spread both sheets.

  8. Grease a tart pan with margarine and place a sheet.

  9. Pour the fruit together with the juice formed. Cut margarine into small pieces and place it on the entire surface of the tart. Cut the other sheet into strips 2-3 cm wide and place them so as to make a grid.

  10. Press on the edge to join the grid with the sheet in the tray.

  11. Grease the grill with water and sprinkle with a tablespoon of sugar.

  12. Put the tray in the oven at 220 degrees for a quarter of an hour and then reduce the temperature to 190 degrees for 40-45 minutes or until the dough is well browned.

  13. Let the tart cool in the pan.

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You can use frozen or compote apricots or you can replace the apricots with whatever fruit you want. I used some blueberries for decoration that I put between the meshes of the grill before putting the tart in the oven.